Creative Spaces in “Paris Nord” that will blow your mind

Are you seeking for some alternative activities than the common sights in Paris? Let me introduce you to the flourishing urban art scene in the northern region of “Greater Paris”. Finde “Creative Spaces” that are quite typical locations and places, which are open to the public and offer space to develop, practise, exhibit or perform creative work.

Alternative creative spaces

“The North-East of Paris is flourishing with cultural and artistic venues : theatres, concert halls, art galleries or circus tents, creation is thriving and omnipresent. But creation can also emerge in the most unusual places, independent places that are experimenting with new contemporary artistic forms, exceptional places, free and committed.”

These creative spaces are dedicated to the ethics of sharing and working together. They form laboratories of innovation or independent cultural and artistic venues. In these places people bring contemporary creation to another level and create real life diversity.

More information on hip and sustainable locations or tourism in the north-eastern Region of Paris, “Seine-Saint-Denis”: uk.tourisme93.com

My personal “bucket list” on Paris Nord – if you are into urban culture:


Street Art – where the city becomes a gallery

In “Plaine Commune” – that means Greater Paris and includes Paris Nord – the walls within the nine different towns are bursting with graffiti. Each reagion has its sightly different character and hidden places, but all together are giving you the impression of walking through an open-air art gallery.

“Street art is an artistic movement that first arrived in the Greater Paris region about 30 years ago. It uses public spaces for self-expression, where artists leave their marks on walls. This type of art has become extremely popular in Plaine Commune Grand Paris as the artists use graffiti as a way of communicating openly and freely.”

More info on graffiti, sticker art, graffiti stencilling, street poster art and even sculptures: tourisme-plainecommune-paris.com

Marché aux Puces – Saint-Ouen

“Street-Art Avenue” – Stade de France

Seine-Saint-Denis and the north-east of Paris are territories known as a currently blooming land of creation, especially regarding urban art. Many internationally renowned artists colour the walls of “La Plaine Commune”, so Paris and its suburbs, with their street art works. From this point of view grew the idea of creating the “Street-Art Avenue” of the Porte de la Villette at the Stade de France, along the Saint-Denis canal linking the communes of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis.


Cominweb – streetart.tv

Astro, FDCrew, Rebus, Bastos, Unavida Familia, Urban Sheet Music, OnOFF, Ambrose and Victor, Joachim Romain, Valentina Canseco, Robert Zytynski, Jungle, Marko 93 and Katre, Guate Mao, Julia Lopez, Alexandra Arango

L’AĂ©rosol: Urban life style and food trucks

Street culture is a great way of sharing the knowledge of living together. The beautiful halls of “L’AĂ©rosol” are a brilliant set up and form a recreational space  that hosts a graffiti and street art exhibition and gathers a young and opend minded audience. This loctaion becaume a place of life in perpetual motion, initiating events of meetings, creations and emotions, a catalyst of energies, sharing, colorful parties.

The crew running this place express their mission very clearly: “Our goal is to make this temporary occupation on this industrial site a space that allows both to wonder collectively about how to reinvent the neighborhood, to build a link between the Chapel and Rosa Parks in order to start the transformation into a real city district.”

“Maquis-art – Hall of fame” – Museum
The museum is open to visits during daytime and prices are quite cheap. Also, there’s a possibility of guided tour by appointment.

“Maquis-art – Wall of fame”  – Graffiti wall
This is a must see, if you are into urban art: Come and admire the biggest walls of Paris entirely dedicated to Urban artists. The murals are renewed regularly, and there’s a great chances you might meet the artists in full creation. Additional good news: This part is free of access.

Maquis-art – Shop
The walls of expression are accessible to everyone, which means that who ever wants to try, can paint or spray and let the marker flow! If you decide to give it a go, you still should come up with some talent as the residential artists at work are highly skilled. If you are a starter go for another offer first:

Graffiti & Street Art – Workshop
Ever wanted to learn the basic skills of spary painting, colour choice and setncils? By appointment, you can come here to learn from professionals and urban art experts. Give it a go, bomb some walls and go crazy! Contact form to sign up for a class: click here.

Tattoo Studio – Art on your skin ❤
“L’AĂ©rosol” is currently one of the most tredy places to get tattooed. The studio got two professional “mecs” (means:”fellas”) is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

Opening soon…
CLUBBING ROLLER -> Reopening in April 2018
BAR AREA -> Reopening in April 2018

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L’AĂ©rosol – 54, rue de l’Ă©vangile, 75018 Paris
Métro : Port de la Chapelle / Max Dormoy / Crimée


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