The hottest hashtags on Paris Nord

Oh, hashtags … What would the social networks be without them? Whether you love them or hate tem, when it comes to finding a trending topic on Instagram and Twitter, no one can do without the popular keywords. We need hashtags and yet they are always a bit of a stain. Hashtags scream “I need attention”!

Still, they are just too useful to miss out on. Well, at least if you want to find the most popular locations or a new trend in the socials. Hashtags are must-have nowadays. They are THE accessory of the 21st century. Especially, when it comes to promoting a new gastronomy as hip as possible, or pitching alternative projects and events – without spending huge amounts on advertising costs.

Hashtags are of course also pretty exciting for bloggers. With the help of the small hash key in front of the correct term, the most beautiful photos and most exciting contributions can be shared way beyond the actual number of your subscribers. That is another reason why the number of professional accounts on Instagram and Twitter is growing enormously. Free advertising through community management. So within a network, a great idea can be spread much faster.

To benefit from these new working manners, we offer you to discover the best corners in our Hood you don’t know yet – with a little help by a hashtag. Figure out Paris like a local. Find all the hot spots of #ParisNord:

The best keywords on Paris and its Banlieues

#ParisNord is my absolute favorite hashtag at the moment. It summarizes all the must-see-snapshots in my Parisian neighborhood AND the current lifestyle trends that are currently flourishing everywhere in northern Paris. For the blog I tag most of my pics in social media with this keyword, next to #LCSLB. If you want more of content like ours, here’s more great content from other bloggers and initiatives from Paris Nord.

In addition to a looot of touristic fotos, the hashtag #Montmartre will guide you to a mix of urban culture and the most beautiful architectural photos. In addition, the latest trends from Paris pair with the coolness of a creative artists’ area. And the Internet is loving it!

Finally a nice overview of all the hidden corners of this beautiful flea market! The urban labyrinth, alleys and stalls of the “Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen” are really worth the visit. With the hashtag #pucesdesaintouen you’ll find the latest posts on the huge flea market area and also on the best vintage shopping adresses in Saint-Ouen. The souk-like market is not only one of the largest antique markets in the world, but also the oldest flea market in France. The hashtag is also popular with celebrities who like to go on shopping tours here …

Whether you’re a football fan, a tourist off the usual paths or a secret graffiti fan – the hashtag #SaintDenis is a keyword with that everyone will find some exciting posts. There is a lot of fan culture and football going on in #SaintDenis, for example the Stade de France Twittert marks a lot of posts with this keyword. But the hashtag content goes even fruther, as the Basilique de Saint-Denis and the Tourist Office of Saint-Denis post a lot of hints and pictures every day. And there’s some leads to the latest urban art: the classic Guaté Mao or colorful trains and ephemeral street art are popping up daily.

In French ghetto-slang, the word “Bendo” is quite common. It’s usually used as a synonym for the extremely prejudiced term “banlieues”. That would be translated as suburbs, but actually means ghetto. Nevertheless, #Bendo turns out to provide many beautiful, small moments from eery day life. There’s music, selfies and events from the suburbs of Paris. Time to dive into culture!

Paname” is the cute nickname for posts who are shared from the city of Paris and its suburbs. A lot of projects, photos and promotions from Paris Nord are collected here. At that’s why the whole Île de France – the Greater Region of Paris – is represented here. You’ll notice many cooperative posts of the different neighborhoods and local companies. Whether theaters, museums, architecture, concert venues or street art – some of the most trending accounts post their content with the hashtag #Paname.


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Hit list of the top hashtags on the northern Banlieues (Paris Nord):

#17eme   –   #18eme   –   #19eme

More pictures and snapshots from the beautiful North of Paris are available on Instagram and Twitter under the hashtag #LCSLB!

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