Farewell: Travel expert Thomas on the move

Our dear team member and travel-blogger Thomas Makoben is leaving Paris and after a bunch of trips to the countryside, he will sadly no longer be able to participate in the blog. But he will be heading off to new adventures in Frankfurt, Germany soon. To re-fill his place we’re looking for editors that want to be part of our blog crew (read more in second paragraph of this article).

But first, we the Team LCSLB wants to thank you, Thomas, for all the happy moments we shared together! Surely, you will enjoy the time together with your wife Simone (who from now and then captured some pretty beautiful shot for our blog, too) in your new Hometown. And we want to take the time, to wish you luck, health and all the best for the future…



Dear Thomas…
or dear Head Banger! When you announced that you will leave Paris and move back to Germany with your adorable wife, I was of course happy for you… and at the same time felt sad as you are now the second team buddy of our lovely gang of four who sails away.

I will miss your typical Nordic humor and the beautiful travel stories you shared with us. But I am sure that you will keep following our blog and our posts on social media and you will like, share and leave some comments. So, let’s stay in touch!

Tschüß, au revoir, goodbye… and thanks for the good time we had together.

Not goodbye, but au revoir, it is I want to say…
Thomas, my dear colleague!
On the one hand, I am happy to hear that you are going to move back to your home country, Germany. Surely, loads of impressions and new adventures are waiting for you there. On the other hand, I am still a little sad that you have to leave our team.

We have all been growing together, through curiosity and our passion for story telling. There were many locations and beautiful places to discover, whether in France or far far away. You captured magnificent pictures and shared a whole bunch of hidden gems with us and the audience. But as much as we might like things to stay the same, change is an inevitable part of life. And so you must move on. Still, I wish you and your wife all the best and hope that you will find a lot of joy and happiness in Frankfurt!

This is why I thank you not only for your ideas and energy, but also for the great cooperation and the inspiring content you created. All the best for you and your wife!

Des Bises!

A Frisian in Frankfurt.
Dear Thomas,
Now you, your lovely wife Simone and your Norwegian forest cats are off to new horizons in Frankfurt almost as quick and easy as you came to Paris a few years ago.

For this next and new stage of your life, I hope you retain your thirst for adventure, your enterprising spirit and your cordial and open way to get involved with new people, places and experiences and I hope very much that you will not completely lose your Paris in 2018.

All the best for your time in Frankfurt and always, a hand’s width of water under the keel!



Join our team and become a lifestyle or travel blogger!

As Thomas will soon no longer write for LCSLB, we decided to expand our team and, one more time, search for team members. Are you a hobby-editor or do you just feel like writing? Apply for our team and become a member of LCSLB! Just fill out the form below.


The only conditions for your regular participation are good spelling and a lot of curiosity for the ‘local. travel. vivre.‘-subjects of your choice. If you are living in northern Paris (e.g. Montmartre, AsniĂ©res, Clichy, Saint-Ouen or Saint-Denis #ParisNord), you can publish in our lifestyle section! Thumb’s up if you love hidden gems in Paris, day trips to the countryside or the latest street art. But maybe you prefer to capture pictures, videos or other exciting material form your journeys and road trips? We welcome you to write for the travel section. BTW: You can post your content in German, English or French language.

Let’s get it on!

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