Hello 2018 – heading for new shores!

After an amazing start into 2018 with a big NYE, it has been a week now that I am trying to formulate a joyful and informative New Year’s article. So we decided to write – once again – an article as a team. One more time, this is proof that life can be easy, when you are not alone. But as change is our permanent companion, we have some big new years announcements to make…

Fotoshoot_TeamLCSLB_Asnieres-06Farewell: Travel expert Thomas on the move

First of all: Our dear team member and travel-blogger Thomas Makoben is leaving Paris and after a bunch of trips to the countryside, he will also no longer be able to participate in the blog. He will be heading off to new adventures in Frankfurt, Germany soon.
To re-fill his place we’re looking for editors that want to be part of our blog crew. But also, we want to improve our performance on social media. Therefore, we are going to strike out in a new direction concerning our strategy on Facebook and Twitter.

Join our team and become a lifestyle or travel blogger!

As Thomas will soon no longer write for LCSLB, we decided to expand our team and, one more time, search for team members. Are you a hobby-editor or do you just feel like writing? Apply for our team and become a member of LCSLB! Just fill out the form below.

The only conditions for your regular participation are good spelling and a lot of curiosity for the ‘local. travel. vivre.‘-subjects of your choice. If you are living in northern Paris (e.g. Montmartre, Asniéres, Clichy, Saint-Ouen or Saint-Denis #ParisNord), you can publish in our lifestyle section! Thumb’s up if you love hidden gems in Paris, day trips to the countryside or the latest street art. But maybe you prefer to capture pictures, videos or other exciting material form your journeys and road trips? We welcome you to write for the travel section. BTW: You can post your content in German, English or French language.

Interested? Just fill out the application form:


Announcement: Boosting our blog traffic

What determines a blog is quite depending on its credibility and worth to the personal audience on the internet. But that was before social media. The hard truth about getting more traffic on a blog website nowadays is that any blogger needs Facebook and Twitter or at least Instagram and Pinterest to gain significant traffic on a website. Otherwise your content will rarely be seen or hardly shared.

But now, we’re also no longer limited by the “older is better” rule. We just can get it on!

Is it really that easy? Of course not. Reaching out to your audience on social media is not always that simple, but then again, it’s not exactly rocket science either. As we are sharing meaningful, worthwhile content focused on a particular niche topic, we quickly saw good results. We got on social media and implemented sharing tools on our website. Then, we published regularly, got in touch with other bloggers and promoted LCSLB via social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon. But even using catchy headlines in combination with compelling content, the strategy only worked for our Instagram Account and the Pinterest feed.

HappyNewYear2018-3However, as Pinterest and Instagram worked so well, Facebook and Twitter couldn’t catch up. At all. It is probably the mechanisms of the updated algorithms and our not-so-much increasing number of followers on these two platforms. While we reached – within a year – nearly 1k follower on Instagram and on Pinterest as well, we wouldn’t even pass the 300 likes on Facebook or Twitter. Even with a lot of patience, working constantly on these channels, it turns out to be ongoingly frustrating, because we are putting quite a lot of effort and time into it. Unfortunately, the result is that we do not have as much output as we need, to make the channels be a useful tool. It appears like that: With a low number of followers, new visitors don’t trust in the blod site and therefore hesitate to hit the like button.

Therefore, we would like to boost our Facebook and Twitter accout. So, our third new years announcement is to admit that we are going to buy minimum 500 followers per account. As we are curious to discuss this conflicting decision with you, our audience and also other bloggers: feel free to start a debate about buying follower in the comment section!

And by the way: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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