Top 5 shopping addresses in #ParisNord

Next to the city of love, Paris is considered as the city of fashion. But to imitate the real parisian street style, haute couture won’t help at all. This article will show you just the right shop for every style lover. Here you’ll find it-pieces at any price. So, check out my five favourite addresses for a great shopping tour in Saint-Ouen, Clichy and Montmartre

Forget about the Champs-ÉlysĂ©es! All the latest trends gather where the city centre meets the suburbs. In the north of Paris, you already got everything that could increase your heart beat while shopping. Vintage boutiques and shops with cheap it-pieces from fashion designers? There’s plenty. In several outlets and stores in Paris Nord you find (next to fashion and clothes) beautiful living accessories and pretty decoration. But above all, it’s the world’s largest antique and flea market, that is worth a visit. Here, style and designes from all eras and countries of the world will quickly fill your shopping bags.

Troughout a weekend trip to the fashion capital of Europe, my 5 insider tips from Paris can be easily visited by metro. Here we go!

1. Fleamarketing Paris: Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

Marché aux Puces
Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

How about a visit of the world’s largest flea market? The “MarchĂ© aux Puces de Saint-Ouen” is an absolute must do for every fan of wild hustle and bustle on flea markets, rare antiques and streetfood. It’s located on the northern outskirts of Paris in Saint-Ouen.

The colorful ensemble of trashy stands, small stalls and expensive shops of all kinds occupies a large part of the district and reminds especially in the covered areas a bit of a Marrocan Zuk.

The market takes place all year round every weekend and includes more than 1,700 traders, which are spread over 15 markets and countless stands in the surrounding streets.

These include, among others, the markets:

  • MarchĂ© Antica (a small market with many antique collectors’ items)
  • MarchĂ© Biron (pieces of furniture, jewelery, art pieces from the 17th century)
  • MarchĂ© Cambo (18th century and 19th century furnishings, musical instruments, decoration, etc.)
  • MarchĂ© Dauphine (one of the largest markets with high-quality furniture and fixtures from the 17th and 18th century as well as works from the 19th and 20th century)
  • MarchĂ© Jules Vallès (very traditional market with individual items such as old weapons, bronze figures, books, CDs, etc.)
  • MarchĂ© Malik (various second-hand clothes, including sportswear)
  • MarchĂ© Vernaison (origin and success of the MarchĂ© aux Puces goes back to this 9000m² market, where you can buy everything from clothes to jewelery to valuable collectors’ items)

(Market Check via

Vintage-Shopping in Saint-Ouen

The “Puces de Saint-Ouen” is also an amazing spot to get in touch with the locals and other visitors. Goods from different eras and countries are sold on this market. And you can quickly make a real bargain.
The crazy flair lead by the way to an annual crowd of up to 11 million visitors. The history of this XXL market seems to go back to 1885, when the oldest part of the market, the MarchĂ© Vernaison, opened its doors for the first time to visitors. This was probably the first flea market in France to welcome its visitors – and still doing so today.

There are several ways to get to the market: The simplest is to take the MĂ©tro line 13 and hop off at the stop Garibaldi. Then continue straight on the “Rue de Rosiers” to the market center. You can also find the location via another entrance right behind a bridge near the metro stop “Port de Clignancourt”. Here you’ll find the wicked part of the market and between all the people pushing and talking to you, one should simply keep pushing on, the fair stands are not far.

2. Designer pieces at small price: NGR Outlet Clichy

This is a real insiders’ tip: In this well hidden but large shop in Clichy – on more than 1000m2 of pure industrial charm – you’ll stumble upon a well sorted selection of designer pieces at small price. If you like to rummage in living accessories and luxury brands, this is your perfect place to pop by in northern Paris. Also, the number of actual fashion trends and the choice of clothes is quite satisfying. Expensive brands from the Parisian luxury shops you know from the city center, are sold here at unbeatable low prices.

And although this outlet store is always well visited, it’s never never too crowded. Shopping french interior and fashion trends without being stressed out? Here you go!

In the clothes department big dressing rooms offer enough space for a try on. A shoes corner is also at your disposal. The friedly staff are always willing to help, the best they do in French, but they also will try their best in English – of course with a strong, but very lovable accent.
In addition to the department with men’s, women’s and children’s fashion, the outlets offers include plenty of decoration, kitchen utensils and household aids. From cute tea sets, vases, oriental cushions and modern designer lamps to seating furniture and bedclothes, a lot of cool pieces to cheer up your living room are offered here.

Additionally, NGR organizes private sales sessions on request, during which the customers can book an appointment with personal advice and have the store pretty much for themselves. For those who are familiar with the fashion and design universe of Paris: This could be the opportunity to try on some unique design pieces.
You reach this hidden shopping gem easily via the metro station Clichy-Levallois. But it’s also worth the walk through the flourishing quartier Clichy. In the small street “Rue Petit”, just a quick promenade away from the metro station “Mairie de Clichy”, the NGR Outlet is waiting to eb discovered.

3. Second-hand for all: “Guerrisol” in northern Paris

Are you looking for well-groomed second-hand fashion at a very small price? Then you I got just the right shop for you in Paris: the Guerrisol shops!

Guerrisol is pretty much the parisian “leader price” of clothes, or as one would say in the states, a extremely stylish Thriftshop. The idea behind the chain is simply that all kind of clothes are collected all over Europe and later resold in the kind of crude boutiques in Paris. This means all sorts of fahsion trends can be found. You can get any shoes, dresses, tops and fur coats, which have been trendy over the last decades and are now fashionable again. In contrast to the market in Saint-Ouen, where also a lot of second-hand shops are located, at Guerrisol the collaction is not pre-sorted and you can buy everything that was purchased in large quateties from independent contractors.

And of course you don’t even have to worry about prices like at the common vintage addresses in Paris. On the contrary. Those who make their clever bargains here are stylish, even without spending a lot of money. The coolest Guerrisol boutiques with a quite big selection of it-pieces and the most friendly employees are, of course, located in the northern Part of the city. One lies right next to the metro station “Place de Clichy”, another one can be found just around the corner of “Barbes Rochechouart”.

4. Shopping the Parisian way: “Rachel-Vintage”

But let’s stop the bulk sales and big shops. We’re in Paris, so let’s have a look into a proper boutique! In the center of Clichy, where also the XXL-Outlet NGR is located, also a tiny shopping gem has found its place: Rachel-Vintage. The shop, which has been painted in a beautiful bright pink, is a perfect address for accessories, clutches, skirts or trousers, boots and sandals … or simply the typical Parisian style: sexy and elegant. Clearly, here it’s all about womens fashion. But a small selection of child wear is also available.


Any clever shopping queen will live happily ever after, when have been shopping traditional French fashion pieces or a timeless classic. The secret: This shop is not only about the latest vintage trends. Rachel, the fiery little owner of the boutique, has always the right davice and as soon as you enter her small shop, which is crowded up to the ceiling, you will instantly feel her true passion for fashion.
Also, the prices are reasonable. Mainly because all vintage pieces are in a very good shape. The collection contains also luxury brands, that are usally very expensive. So coming here is also an opportunity to make a real snip.

If you get off the metro at “Mairie de Clichy”, you reach the boutique quickly by foot. The shop is situated just around the corner of the metro station.

5. The Boutiques of Montmartre

Around Montmartre, the fashion shops are countless. But the most unique pieces and cheapest vintage fashion is hiding in the second-hand shops, especially in the area “Pigalle”. While having a beautiful promenade from the famous “Moulin Rouge” to the even-more-famous white church “SacrĂ© CĹ“ur“, you can simply include my small shop selection into the walk:

Trock en Stock – 6 rue Clauzel, Metro: Blanche
If you are walking through the picture-perfect district Montmartre, you shouldn’t miss this shopping address. The variety of vintage pieces for men and women at reasonable prices is just awesome. But above all there are many unusual shoes and even some jewelery up for sale. The atmosphere in the second-hand shop reminds me a little bit of the one big sale that you’ve been waiting for the whole year. So watch out, this shop can be addictive!

Tempolino – 5 rue Gérando, Metro: Anvers
This tidy and well-stocked shop is particularly popular in the neighbourhood. In the picturesque and young district “South Pigalle” many students, young families and art-makers gather. And as all these pretty well dressed Parisians spend their time here, the address can only be a good one. Right? The prices speak for themselves, as the shop is not very known by tourists. You can get some really cheap items here.

Noblase – 18 rue Pierre Fontaine, Metro: Pigalle
Look at that, an address almost nobody knows yet. Maybe because the small but fine shop looks a little shabby from the outside. But once inside, you’ll be impressed by quite a few sweet pieces.
However, for customers searching for somehow original wear, young girls and their moms this shop is absolutely worth a visit. But the best thing about this secret spot is thet you won’t get rid of the feeling of being in a normal, small boutique. The somewhat sleazy charm of a typical second-hand shop is missing here – and it’s a good thing.

By Flowers – 86 Rue Martyrs, Metro: Abbesses
One can easily miss this small boutique. But once you have found the way to the shop, you won’t get out of it that quickly. This is one perfect place to look out for an individual piece or unique accessories. The shop is a real must for all those, who like to spend a little bit more time on digging in it-pieces, rather than rushing from one shop to shop another.


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