Festival at the river side in Paris: “L’Été du Canal”

The 10th edition of the Festival “L’Été du Canal” with party, drinks and a whole lot of outdoor activities is coming up. This relaxed summer event offers boat rides on the canals, guided tours with local urban artists and visits for free (or at a very affordable price)L’Été du Canal (“summer at the canal”) is organized by “Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme” on the initiative of the county council, thanks to the support of its many partners.

It has been almost ten years since the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq have welcomed the festival including two months of cultural, sporty and music activities. The event invites everyone to explore the northern areas of Paris and its canals: Comedians, artists and locals will be your one-day guides for walks along the water. Through Urban Art, many artists living in northern Paris give the urban landscape of the Canal de l’Ourcq and the Canal Saint-Denis a colourful makeover. And during the festival, you can watch the pieces by boat or join a walking tour. For a jummy gourmet break, join the locals for lunch, dinner or a picnic by the water. Also, many activities are waiting for you: Boat rides, pedalos, canoes, beach soccer and concerts …


Les bals de l’été : Pop by and dance, it’s free!

Now, put your actual plans to the side and join the Parisians dancing at one of the free open air events, or enjoy a concert. Some weekends this summer, parties will be organized on the banks of the Canal. You can also shake your booty to some Dj sets or watch a live show on a boat or dock. Electronic music, acoustic lives, world music and other wild styles will be presented on stage at the Canal de l’Ourcq or near the Bassin de la Villette. Let’s dance for free in the sun and grab a drink or snack!

But it’s not only the Ourcq and La Villette that are on the move this summer, also the region of greater Paris (“Grand Paris”) will litterally jump into the water: You can swim at Paris Plages, participate at a walking tour in the area of Hauts-de-Seine, discover the the summer spots in Val- De-Marne.



Sunny activities and pure joy outdoors

From July 8 to August 27, the Ourcq Canal reopens its doors for the teens and proposes a wide range of activities: The kids can enjoy for example a nature route between Paris and La Villette, a hydroplane bubble can be found next to the tops of the river shuttles and for those of the 6 to 17 year old, who don’t like swimming so much, a zip line will transport them from one bank to the other of the canal. Great fun upcoming!

What you can attend during the festival:

  • Cruises on the river including a home-made brunch
  • Le Barboteur, an innovative cultural tool that will make you dance on the platforms
  • River shuttles at 2 €, Cruises on the Ourcq, Houseboats on the canal
  • Sunbathing and swimming or simply enjoying the sun on the edge of the Parisian canals.

The summer festival will take place in Paris La Villette, Bobigny, Noisy-le-Sec, Bondy, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Sanit-Denis and Paris Nord. Find all information on the site of Seine-Saint-Denis Tourisme.

L’Été du Canal 2016 (via dailymotion)

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