Slow Blogging – the perfectly free way of online writing

In a world that is spinning faster than ever, trends also come and go faster than ever. We as a blog team are writing with passion and see time as a rescource we like to handle with care. This is why we consider “Slow Blogging” as the perfect way to reflect our journeys and everyday discoveries in Paris.

There are a lot of ways to share beautiful places with the growing audience online. Some of the countless instagram accounts on Paris are guides, some are beautiful picture collections and others teach the french way of living. But with our niche of a multiculturally inspired blog, we created a project with less demands than the common marketing projects and blogs. What counts for us is liberty and our freedom to express and share what we find personally interesting.

Curiosity is our engine and this is why we are slow blogging.

Slow Blogging – the art of online writing in a world that is spinning faster than ever

What is Slow Blogging?

Our presonal “Slow Blogging Practice” comes frome the idea of sustainability in the creative process: We want to create a blogsphere that remains diverse and allows us to be productive indefinitely. We want quality – and, we simply don’t care about a compulsory quantity of posts.

The term was probably inspired by Todd Sieling, a software producer and designer from Vancouver – and he stated that slow blogging is great,  actually already in 2006: “Slow Blog is about only writing when it feels right. The pressure to produce content in order to participate in an ever faster-moving web is considerable; this blog is a response to that tendency, a structural buffer against the pressure.”

Why we love it.

On this question, we got a simple reply:

We see time as a resource that we are handling carefully. And as we are working voluntarily, we have no time pressure – at all. Also, discovering and reflecting the thoughts about new impressions takes time.

Also, we need nearly no money to run our blog. That allows us to follow a simple rule: No ads. Only experience. No one tells us where, when and what we have to post, except of ourselves. This is blogging freely.

Bottom line: We have found our pefectly free life-work-balance concerning the systematic behind our blog posts. When we head out exploring Paris, Europe and the world, we share our stories just at the time – when it feels right. And we hope you enjoy our blog as much as we do.

4 thoughts on “Slow Blogging – the perfectly free way of online writing

  1. Thank you for this very interesting blog post and a sight of the blogging word. You are so right. It is important to so what you like and when. As it is 2 of us and we already have full time jobs we have the gift to choose when and if we want to participate cooperations. It needed some time to figure out how much content is perfect for our fun level and joy. Have a great day.

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