Welcome to our multilingual blog!

On LeChatSurLaBanquette.com we’re writing the content in several languages, because the habitat we’re reporting from is divers and international. Besides, we love to travel and tell our stories in different languages. Do you have difficulties to navigate on our multilingual blog? In this article, we explain the design of our site in detail and present the range of topics.

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Choose your language

If your language is not French or German, you can easily change your language preferences: Simply click on “French Language” at the bottom of the page or “French” in the side menu to see that the articles written in English.

See, how easy it is to display results in your language!

Contacting the Editorial Team

The Franco-German editorial team speaks English, German and – of course – French. Do not hesitate to contact us in one of these langauges, we will be happy to help you!

Consult the WELCOME MESSAGE to better understand the entire programming of our website. You will find a summary of tge idea and the concept of our multilingual blog. You can also find a short section on our authors in the category ABOUT!

Search for artciles in English language in the side bar:


LCSLB is english speaking on social media !

📘 facebook.com/LCSLB     📷 instagram.com/LeChatBlog

🔴 de.pinterest.com/LeChatBlog     🐦 twitter.com/lechatblog (@LeChatBlog)

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