Travel Moments: A walk at night in Stuttgart, Germany.

Stuttgart is the capital of the southern-german state of Baden-Württemberg. The City is on the river Neckar and in December 2011, 613,392 people lived there. Stuttgart is currently the sixth largest German city and, just as Stuttgart Region, absolutely woth a visit for anyone interested in german culture, food and art expositions. 

The City Stuttgart was founded in the 10th century; its name is a modern version of the original Stutengarten (“mare’s garden”). Presently it is the 6th largest city in Germany. It is most famous for its automotive industry – both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz have their headquarters in Stuttgart and both have car museums.

Stuttgarters are amazingly friendly people who will forgive you if German isn’t your first or second (or any) language. If you do speak German well: beware that many people speak the local Schwäbisch dialect natively which may somewhat affect their standard German – which however everyone can speak. They love to practice other languages (especially English) and will try to help you. Stuttgart is a big city with a small-town atmosphere.

Stuttgarter SchloĂźplatz, Germany – 2017.

Also, Stuttgart has had a long love affair with the automobile, which can trace its roots as far back as 1887 when Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach set up shop here. One of the highlights of any visit to the city must be the wonderful Mercedes-Benz Museum with its exhibits relating to the development of the automobile.

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Finf information und services of the city, facts on the living in Stuttgart and a bunch of great sights to visit in german and English on the official Website

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