“Fernweh”. A very German word. Even untranslatable, some people claim. Nevertheless, in one of my German speaking posts I made an attempt to untangle the word also in English language. I’ve been calling it “my insatiable wanderlust“. A couple of month later, the expression actually became a top topic in the worldwide connected blogger community.

fernwehWell, no – the reason the use of this word was spreading exactly at this time was of course not my post. But at the very same time people worldwide were realising, that there actually is an amazing translation of this special sensation into common language. And my little article was part of the dispersion.
So, the trend of travel blogging is apparently affecting language beyond frontiers. Regarding the actual social media trends, the Hashtag #wanderlust spread all over the world. On Instagram already more than 35 million posts including this expression were shared with the community. And it is great, that the world now found an international word to express this feeling. A need to travel. To wander and to wonder. Especially travel blogger will now relate a lot of the pics and stories to it.
And I think this is absolutely awesome.

And in French one could just say: la nostalgie des voyageurs. It describes the same unrelenting urge to leave familiar situations and to open up to the beautiful wide world out there. The quite emotional word stands in literal contrast to homesickness, which desires to go home.




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4 thoughts on “Wanderlust.

  1. Thank you for the break down of the word “wanderlust.” Surprisingly, my colleague Honey had no idea it even existed despite the 35M+ posts with it on Instagram. She jokingly remarks kids these days are just making up words for ridiculousness. We agree that the French equivalent “la nostalgie des voyageurs” of wanderlust captures the desire to travel a bit more. It’s more meaningful.


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