A Geometric Christmas

weihnachtsschmuck_geometrischHow to perfectly connect tradition and modern times, can be seen by the latest xmas decoration trend: Geometric forms. Origami ornaments, simple colored paper or wooden forms – the world of geometry can now be perfectly expressed with this seasonal decoration.

To start a “Christmas tree decoration session”, you need -of course- a tree. A good one would be a Nordmann fir. It doesn’t prick and has a deep green colour. The benefits of using the Nordmann fir as a Christmas tree are therefore quite obvious, as it makes the decoration process simple: The classy green colour is a pro and by adding some water droplets into the tree stand, the fir will reward you by living one or two weeks longer.

For this years Christmas tree, I chose a special theme: White Christmas meets natural elements. The combination of white and rose coloured Christmas balls, give the ensemble a frozen touch. Most of the decorative elements on the pictures are made out of recycled materials, like old, heavy, discarded light bulbs. I decked out the last empty holes in silver tinsel and glitter. For the natural touch, just add some wooden geometric forms.

And ready is your modern decoration, for maybe the most traditional event of the year.
Merry Christmas!


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