Electronic Music in the jungle of Saint-Ouen

It’s getting cold in Paris as winters is coming up. Luckily, a hot party in Saint-Ouen is going to warm you up with a mixture of VJing, clubbing and body painting. Everyone is invited to explore an actual jungle full of culture and music.

From 10th to 11 december the organisers of the venue in Saint-Ouen, both called Mains d’Å’uvres, offer more than a party: The program of the “jungle party” includes installations and happenings, next to some good electronic and funky vibes. The music is sponsored by the alternative parisian association La Dynamiterie.

And as the event organiser Mains d’Å’uvres is turning 16, they chose a special theme: “délitescence et luxuriance“. So you can explore a jungle full of culture and music. More than 40 artists take over the 4000 squaremeters of the venue to offer you a journey deep into the jungle in form of en interactive route.

The entrance will be free for people disguised until 5 pm: cover yourself with greenery, turn into an electronic rhizome or a binary plant. Be labyrinthine and bring your friends!



Mains d’Å’uvres x La Dynamiterie
Jungle Numérique – Birthday Party #16

â–º EVENT : Jungle Numérique – Birthay Party #16

â–º DATE : 10-11 September 2016

â–º PLACE  : Mains d’Å’uvres,
1 rue Charles Garnier, 93300 Saint-Ouen

â–º WEB : www.mainsdoeuvres.org

â–º EVENT LINK : www.facebook.com/events/596783813834376/

► WITH : La Dynamiterie, Quinzequinze, Funki Safari, Collectif Ascidiacea, Eliya, Pixis Productions, Collectif Triple-D, Dream-Néon, Iriscent event, Smaïl Kanouté / Compagnie Vivons, The Wildings et Vincent Palumbo, Olivier Jonvaux, Colin Lusinchi, Noemie Ksicova, Cynthia G

â–º TIX : www.weezevent.com

â–º PLUS : Happy hour between 6 and 8 pm

â–º Check out Love Specs – France

â–º Upcoming dates of the parisian electronic music association
La Dynamiterie

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