Team LCSLB 🇬🇧

The call for travel blogger who want to write for LCSLB was successful. The team has grown for the first time. And we already held some blogger meetings. So click again, fresh content coming up!

New editorial team has been operating jointly for already two weeks now. Instead of a single writer, the team now consists of four authors. The content is also based on cooperations and inspiration from the neighborhood.
The new editorial team will introduce itself to you step by step. During the coming weeks, every Monday, a personal contribution with a photo and an author’s profile will be posted. And of course we’ll always get you a handful of background information about the team member.

Until the new content is ready, have a look at the updated WELCOME MESSAGE. Here you’ll find an abstract of our spirit and concept. All briefly and crisply explained in the smart “Scrollytelling” format. Soon, you will find a short “about the authors” section here, too!

Blogger meeting
Are you in Paris right now? Take a break at “Le Garçon De Café” in Clichy. As the name suggests, the service is for Parisian conditions quite awesome. The terrace is open on sunny days and offers a nice view on the Allées Léon Gambetta. And of course, they have delicious coffee.

Reviews & Info: Le Garçon de Clichy on Facebook

f.l.t.r.: Heike Fürst, Kristin Tiffert, Sinah Vonderweiden, Thomas Makoben

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