Naughty Cat Content 🐱

Let’s start at the top: What is Cat Content? In Wikipedia, the term has not made it, a scientific definition can not be found so quickly and if, it would be certainly the least known. I think that’s where the secretof the internet starts: Everyone defines its interests and favourite topics differently, and therefore everyone defines cat content in different ways.

Le Chat Blog explores the world out of Paris Nord

We are sitting like a cat on the window ledge, and watch what’s going on outside in #ParisNord. Why? The city centre of Paris might be legendary – but the suburbs in the vibrating north of the city of lights are so full of underground arts, amazing people and beautiful places: they deserve to be presented in a special way.

This is why the Team LCSLB blogs on Paris Nord: Clichy, Levallois, Asniéres, Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis, Pantin, Nanterre and their neighbours are waiting for you in English, French and German language!

It won’t be only up-to-date content published on this page. This blog will also memorise all the beautiful moments this team experienced in the so called “Banlieues” of Paris within the last years. Therefore the topics are sortet by subject in the categories you’ll find on the top of the page:

Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis are the home of many urban graffiti artists and host fantastic street open air art spaces. We want to fill the niche of street photography online. The fusion of both facts: Le Chat Blog posting colourful shots from the streets of Pairs, Murals and all that especially in the Category Urban Art! ❤

LCSLB on the road: We love to travel!

Next to a whole lot of stories, this blog shall also offer the space to share your own hints and impressions. Anyone with a little writers experience and some online affinity can apply to join the team and write regularly – in French, German or English language. Or you just offer the content or the history behind a post that will be published under our name, but of course we will mention you as our source.

Want to share your hint or ideas?   … Click here to get in touch!

Which internet cat is king?

Some people might have the thought that “Le Chat Blog” oder “The Cat Blog” is just another internet kitty cat. But we don’t like the challence with other cats of the world wide web. Nobody colud say… Is Grumpy Cat cooler than Facebook’s Sticker Cat? Is Pusheen the Queen? Is Keyboard Cat the pet of our editor? We will never find it out. Still, our logo of our Blog “Le Chat Sur La Banquette” is –of course – a cat and World Cat Day is and will always be an inspirational day – even for bloggers.

Made by RipNDip, a clothing brand company based out of Los Angeles, this sticker of a cheeky kitty (see picture) is slightly insulting. But: It’s abosutely fun to look at and it makes people smile. So, this international fashion-greeting deserves a little happy post on “The Cat On The Window Ledge”. This is my kind of favourite cat content. Lol.

Cat-Sticker – Montmartre, 2016.

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